The IE Admissions Test is a practical exam aimed at an international audience. No preparation is required, as the exam determines participants’ ability to process information and think strategically, rather than regurgitate previously studied patterns or equations.
Please note you must bring a calculator to IE´s admissions test.
Where: Hilton Tel Aviv, Independence Park
When: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, From: 16:30 To: 18:30

The IE Global Admissions Test (ieGAT) is the admissions test created exclusively by IE, which can be taken instead of the GMAT, GRE or LSAT.
This test has been developed as a means of determining a candidate’s ability to make management‐style decisions under pressure. This exam is different to other standardized tests in a number of ways:
• It is aimed at an international audience, with a diversity of educational backgrounds (thus, it does not favor any particular educational system or area of study);
• It is a practical exam (as opposed to an academic exam), presenting participants with more real life situations;
• No preparation is required (this exam determines participants’ ability to process information and think strategically, rather than repeat previously studied patterns or equations)

The ieGAT consists of three types of tasks: verbal, numerical and diagrammatical. Questions are scattered randomly throughout the exam, requiring participants to switch rapidly from one line of thinking to another.
• Comprehension and reasoning. This section consists of a text box which must be read and understood by the participant. Each text box is followed by two questions regarding the text. This portion of the test determines participants’ comprehension of written English in a professional context.
• Comprehension, reasoning and calculation. This section consists of graphs, and data analysis. Advanced mathematics is not required. Rather, participants need to think quickly and process large amounts of information and quick calculations.
• Logical‐abstract reasoning with symbols. In this section, participants take a predetermined shape through a series of modifications to determine the final product. This section requires strong visualization skills and the ability to maintain track of multiple “images” at a single time.

Prior to the exam, participants will go over 6 practice questions (2 of each type) with an IE representative. The test lasts 80 minutes.

Requirements and recommendations:
‐ Including the preparation and the personality test, the entire time estimated is 2 hours.
‐ Please bring a calculator and a pencil with you to the exam. The calculator does not need to have any special functions. However, it should be one that you are comfortable with, as speed is essential to achieving a good exam result.
‐ Candidates must present ID.
‐ Candidates arriving after the commencement will not be permitted to take the exam.
‐ The ieGAT may only be taken once.
‐ In order to take the ieGAT, candidates should pre‐register in selecting IE Global Admissions Test.

Please direct any further questions to: