Yale MBA

Yale SOM Silver Scholars Program

The Silver Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for college seniors to earn an MBA in three years directly after graduation and move more quickly toward their career goals.

As a Silver Scholar, you will spend your first year at Yale SOM developing the basic skills and mindset of a manager through our innovative core curriculum. During the second year, you will complete a full-time internship; this extended work experience will help you put your business education into practice, develop your leadership skills, and give you a competitive advantage as you pursue a permanent position. In your third year, you will return to campus for the conclusion of the MBA program, taking electives at Yale SOM and elsewhere at the university in the areas that most interest you and support your career goals.

Silver Scholars are chosen for their combination of intelligence and common sense, maturity and curiosity, passion and compassion. Each has made a difference and distinguished him- or herself in a particular field of interest. We are looking for college seniors who will be future leaders in business, government, and nonprofit endeavors.

Applying to the Program

Applicants to the Yale SOM Silver Scholars Program complete the same online application as the full-time MBA program. Additional instructions for Silver Scholar applicants:

Only current college seniors are eligible to apply. Your graduation date must be on or after December 1, 2016. If you have any questions about eligibility (if you have had previous full-time work experience, if you went directly into another graduate program, etc.) you may email us for more individualized guidance.

Silver Scholars must provide two letters of recommendation; one (1) letter from an academic instructor and one (1) letter from an employer. Academic recommendation: This should be a faculty member who has taught you in class and graded your performance. Employer recommendation: This is someone for whom you have worked professionally in some capacity during college: full-time during a summer internship or part-time during the academic year. If you have no work experience, then you may secure a letter from an extracurricular activity or volunteer organization in which you have been actively involved.

If invited to interview, Silver Scholar applicants have one half-hour interview with one or more members of the Silver Scholars Committee. The interview will focus on your personal goals and interests, and your academic background.

International students are welcome to apply. If your undergraduate degree is a three-year course of study, you are eligible to apply in your final year.

For the Work Experience section of the application: List any part-time or summer internship experiences you would like to highlight for the Silver Scholars Committee. Alternatively you may fill in "Not applicable," and we will use your résumé to glean any relevant experiences.

For the Activities section of the application: You may use this space to highlight extracurricular activities in which you are involved at your academic institution or with outside organizations.

Program website: http://som.yale.edu/programs/mba/admissions/silver-scholars