Nimrod MagenNimrod Magen

Senior Consultant

MIT Sloan graduate

Nimrod is an MIT Sloan MBA alumnus with comprehensive consulting and business experience. He also maintains strong connections with the admission teams at MIT Sloan, New York Stern, Michigen's Ross business school, and Duke fuqua.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background and later continuing to pharma and then SaaS, Nimrod accumulated substantial experience in many domains targeted by the top MBA programs – from product management, to consulting, to marketing and entrepreneurship. Currently Nimrod drives products at a global scale with Microsoft as a product manager in a senior position.

Business writing and MBA admissions in general is one of Nimrod's biggest passions. Moreover, Nimrod is deeply committed to the success of each and every candidate while putting the extra effort in to ensure that each sentence, be it in CVs, essays, cover letters or interviews, will make the difference in the eyes of the admissions crew.