MBA Applications Post-submission Action Items

After submitting the application:

  • Work on support e-mails.
  • Once you have an interview invitation, you may start your interview preparation. To kick off this process, contact your Aringo consultant.
  • If you happen to be in the area (or have the time/money to travel especially for this) – visit the campus. If you are lucky to meet and "click" with an admissions person or an influential student, that could help. In other cases, the visit may not help much. The lower the school is ranked, the more the visit (or any other way of showing commitment to the school) may help.
  • If after the application submission there is a positive development in your career (promotion, new job), in your grades (GMAT, GPA, etc.) or in your activities, you may send the Admission Committee an update letter.

Once you receive a decision letter:

  • Negotiate scholarships – some of our clients last year did great on this (less so in the top 5 schools, more so in the 5-25 range, and especially if you are really debating between two schools).
    In your communications with/questions to the school, include comments about the importance of the financial consideration is in your decision. You may even very gently ask whether they may be able to offer any help on this.
  • Every time you get a school decision, whether positive or negative, send us and update through the Client Interface.
    The update will go to your Aringo consultant, Aringo specialists and the Aringo Kitchen.
  • "I got in, I need help with writing essays for scholarship applications, do you do this?"
    Yes, your Aringo consultant can help with this. Billing is done in the same process as for the application.
  • "I am waitlisted. I need help with preparing waitlist essays, and another recommendation. Can you help?".
    Yes, your Aringo consultant can help with this.
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The Aringo Research Team