Michigan פרסמו את שאלות החיבורים לתוכנית ה-MBA שמתחילה ב-2011:

1. Introduce yourself in 100 words or less.
2. Describe your career goals. How will the Ross MBA help you to achieve your goals? (500 word maximum)
3. Describe a time in your career when you were frustrated or disappointed. What did you learn from that experience? (500 word maximum)
4. Select one of the following questions:
• What are you most passionate about and why? (300 word maximum)
• We expect that Ross MBAs will not only be effective leaders, but also effective teachers. How will you contribute to the learning experience of your peers at Ross? (300 word maximum)
5. Optional question: Is there anything else you think the Admissions Committee should know about you to evaluate your candidacy? (500 word maximum)
הכניסו אותי לעניינים (פונה בעוד יותר משנה)
הכניסו אותי לעניינים (פונה בעוד פחות משנה)