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Growing up, I was always involved in extracurricular activities that integrated leadership and social action. In high school, my interests in contributing to society were infused with a global perspective. I saw a world beyond my own country.

During college and various internships, I continued to combine my interests in social action and globalization. I volunteered in a public-sector welfare office. I subsequently interned for the Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee and then for an NGO-focused strategic consulting firm. Currently, I work at a financial and strategic consulting firm focusing on the public sector. I deal with international clients on projects that positively impact our society.

Long term, I aim to continue making a difference in society through business –in a management position. To ensure my transition, I need to further develop vital strategy and business-management skills. I aspire to do so at Kellogg, whose international focus will also provide unique insight into global market dynamics and strategic challenges.

At Kellogg, I will acquire needed tools and acumen to create and implement business strategies that will effect positive societal change. I understand from Kellogg alumnus Y.K (2016) that the program’s Social Impact Pathway aligns with my career trajectory and long-term goal. Additionally, I look forward to taking “Business Strategy” with Craig Garthwaite and “Managerial Leadership” with Harry Kraemer. Such renowned courses and professors will expand both my business skills and perspective.

As I learned from the Socially, the Impact Consulting Club will introduce me to like-minded friends with whom I can volunteer in the Kellogg community and greater Chicago area.

I also plan on joining Kellogg’s Consulting Club to solve cases with fellow students and benefit from members’ job interview insights. Additionally, as an amateur snowboarder, the Kellogg Ski & Snowboard Club will be a fun outlet to make friends. As a husband and father-to-be, Kellogg’s unique JV Club will be invaluable to me and my family.

Kellogg will broaden my overall understanding of the core fundamentals of global management while sharpening my focus on leading social impact through business, as MBA student N.D (2017) confirmed. As a social-change agent, I firmly believe that Kellogg’s MBA program will nurture my personal and professional growth, enabling me to achieve my career goals.

I have always believed in taking chances, as long as each new move takes me forward.

My military service was full of growth opportunities, but the most challenging occurred when I suffered a knee injury that disqualified me from my life-long dream of becoming a combat officer. I was determined to find another path and convinced the assigning commander to give me a chance to prove myself in a demanding, non-combat position. I earned a second chance and became an officer, grew by adapting to change, and learned there is always more than one way to achieve your goals.

Academically and professionally, I have grown by studying Law and Business Administration and as a Junior Associate at a commercial law firm, working on startups, M&A’s and VC investments. However, my most significant growth experience was realizing that I wanted to be at the center of business activities rather than advising from the legal perspective. I left the practice of law to join the core team of a new startup in the field of cyber-intelligence. Encountering daily challenges, such as managing clients and employees in a demanding environment with strict budget limitations, I’ve gained valuable experience for any future venture.

At the same time, this experience made it clear that I need an MBA to maximize my chances of success in future ventures. Pursuing a Kellogg MBA will provide me with the opportunity to establish a strong network, develop a global perspective, build a personal brand, and interact with the best and brightest students and professors. Learning such crucial skills as decision-making, negotiation, management, and international marketing is essential to any aspiring entrepreneur and will help me achieve my long-term goal of promoting corporate intrapreneurship by leading the commercial development of new products at an established tech company.

At Kellogg, I plan to improve my entrepreneurial and technological skills by leveraging the opportunity to take chances in a safe environment, through the “Entrepreneurship Pathway”, specifically the ”New Venture Discovery” course by Professor Schonthal, and applying to programs such as the ZELL program. I will also strengthen my tech product skills through Professor Sawhney’s “Product Management for Tech Companies” course, and improve my understanding in data analytics through participating in the NUvention:Analytics course and in challenges such as the Adobe Analytics Challenge . Also, I’m excited to use the new facilities of the Global Hub.

I hope to grow as a leader and team player by participating in the eClub, Tech Club, Soccer Club and Volleyball Club. I would welcome the opportunity to practice socially responsible leadership in the Board fellow program, contributing from my experience at NPOs and learning for future involvement.

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