Oded ben david

Oded Ben David

Senior Consultant
Harvard Business School graduate

ARINGO clients who worked with Oded were admitted to MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, Wharton, Yale, Duke, UCLA, INSEAD, LBS, Ross, Tuck, USC, Georgetown, Tepper, Darden, Babson, Cornell, Cornell Tech, Fordham and many others with the following scholarships:

NYU – $50,000, Yale – $50,000, Ross – $80,000, MIT – $40,000, UCLA – $80,000, Harvard – $70,000, Stanford – $70,000 NYU – $190,000, UCLA – $120,000, Ross – $190,000, Darden – $80,000; Duke – $74,000 ; Cornell – $60,000 ; Tepper – $80,000 ; Babson –$130,000 ; Fordham – $147,000, Tuck – $20,000, Cornell – $40,000, Ross – $130,000, NYU – $190,000, Tuck – $20,000, Cornell – $40,000, Yale – $40,000, Darden – $80,000, Tepper – $50,000, Booth – $204,000, NYU – $140,000, UCLA – $140,000

Oded holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he focused on healthcare and strategy and successfully completed a career switch from consulting to healthcare. During his studies, he gained MBA application experience, helping a number of friends successfully earn admission to HBS. Prior to business school, Oded was a consultant and managed the Healthcare practice of TASC Consulting & Capital, an Israeli leading consulting firm where he led projects across the medical devices, digital health and public health segments. He also has rich experience in mentoring students having held multiple teaching positions in both public and private sectors.

Oded has taken strategy and business development positions in the two most vibrant biotech ecosystems in the U.S.- initially in San Francisco with Genentech, the world largest biotech company, and then in Boston where he led M&A and Business Development activities with Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT, S&P 500 company) and ImmunoGen (NYSE:IMGN). He is now responsible for M&A activities at Ontada (a McKesson company)- an oncology insights and technology leader. He is an active member of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston – Community Action Partners where he is involved in pro bono consulting projects for non-profit organizations in the healthcare space, most recently for Fenway’s National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center.

Oded holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from Tel Aviv University.

Clients' quotes:

“I highly recommend Oded to anyone who seeks success in crafting MBA applications. Without a doubt Oded increased the quality of my applications by at least threefold compared to how I would have been able to do them myself. I came to him starting my applications within a month of the R2 deadlines and with this extremely short timeline – and navigating/overcoming a weakness in my application – he helped me secure admission to two T15 schools! Oded is an exceptional partner to have in the application process – knowledgeable on the schools and how to craft a story, quick on turnaround on essay/story guidance, and genuinely cared/was invested in my personal success. I most appreciated his patience, confidence inducing expertise, logical and honest approach to improving aspects of my application, and consistent communication/energy. Working with Oded was an absolute right choice for my business school ambitions.“


"Oded did an amazing job helping me to craft my story in the best way that fits the school. We worked together for a few months, in a different timezone, and yet, he was super responsive and reviewed my essays in a very timely manner. His comments were very professional, detailed, and organized. He was very patient with me and continued helping me shape each essay until I felt comfortable with the final results. Oded also helped me get ready for my interview by helping me to finalize my strategy, doing a mock interview with me, and giving me some important tips. I am grateful that I had Oded as my Consultant."


"Doing an interview prep with Oded was, no doubt, a huge part in my admission. I felt confident and ready to enter and navigate the interview."