On May 20 @ 6PM, at hotel Diaghilev in Tel Aviv (56 Mazeh Street) you will have a great opportunity to network with Israeli faculty, current students, and alumni of Darden Graduate School of Business at University of Virginia. Food and drinks will be served.
To better understand the value of the Darden MBA program please join:
• Professor Gal Raz who has been leading the Israel Global Business Experience (GBE) course at Darden. As part of GBE, Darden students get an opportunity to visit various countries around the world and work on real projects with local business communities. For the past 4 years, Israel became one of the most popular destinations of GBE.
• 30 first year Darden students (including Israeli ones) who are visiting Israel to work on various consulting projects for Israeli start-ups. You will have a first-hand opportunity to talk to current students from different countries and get their answers on questions like: how tough business school is, what does it take to succeed in MBA, find a job, etc.
• 2 prominent Darden alumni – Ilan Danieli (CEO of Precipio Diagnostics) and Ken Zamkow (Head of Marketing at LiveU) who can help you better understand the post MBA experience and life in the USA.

Number of attendees is limited, so please RSVP to this invitation to secure participation ASAP.