Homework for your Aringo MBA interview preparation meeting

Follow these steps:

Do the homework to:
A. Shorten meeting time.
B. Increase meeting effectiveness.

  • Review the Aringo Intelligence Report on the school. If your interviewer's name appears, focus on it.
    Prepare answers to the questions that were asked in the past.
    (Importance: 5 out of 5 (5 is highest importance)).
  • Check the Aringo intelligence report for the school: is the interviewer likely to have your essays? If so, read the essays that you sent to this school. Think about questions that the interviewer may have.
    (Importance: 4 out of 5).
  • Prepare 3 bullet point answers for each of The Big 9 (very common questions).
    (Importance: 3 out of 5).
    Try to keep each of your answers to a maximum of 2 verbal minutes, preferably less, in order to maintain the interviewer's interest and attention.
  • Prepare tentative answers for other interview questions.
    (Importance: 1 out of 5).
  • If you need to send your resume to your interviewer, and you still didn't prepare a resume:
    Turn your PDM to a resume by using the Aringo resume example.
  • Consider audio-recording your preparation session so you can later listen to it and learn from it.