MBA interview

MBA Interview Preparation with Aringo

Answers to a Few Common Questions

What is the typical cost of interview preparation?
Clients do anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours of interview preparation.
The average is about 3 hours (two meetings).

Why prepare for an interview?
Preparation helps you to present yourself confidently, it allows you to concentrate on developing a good rapport with your interviewer, and it allows you to choose to strategically address any weaknesses in your application.
You can, of course, prepare on your own. There are a lot of resources and questions on the web that can help you do that. Practicing with others is also very helpful.

What is the purpose of the admission interview?
The aim of interviews, in general, is to gain a personal impression of the candidate; to get a feel for those things that cannot be communicated in a written application.
This 'personal impression' ranges from relatively casual alumni interviews to very in-depth interviews with very experienced professionals. This depends, of course, on the schools you've applied to and their particular resources and policies.
In casual interviews, you will be able to develop good chemistry with your interviewer, show him that you are the kind of person that he would be proud to have in his professional network.
Experienced interviewers are good at making very incisive judgments of people's characters very quickly. They will lead you through a very conversational interview – you may not feel you're even being interviewed – and at the same time gathering a great deal of information about your potential, your character, your strengths and your weaknesses.
In all cases, you need to be able to present yourself clearly and coherently; to show that you are indeed the person behind your resume, and that you have good insight into your professional abilities and aspirations.

What is the goal of the Aringo interview preparation?
In interview preparation, we work on 3 goals:
– Help you prepare effective answers (what to say, what not to say, how to answer).
– Help you present yourself in English.
– Strengthen your presentation skills.