Applying with American citizenship

• "Someone applying for US schools with an American citizenship will not be considered an American – the AdCom will consider candidates based on their "life/professional experience". this means that if the bulk of his experience and work is Israeli, he will be considered as an Israeli candidate".

• This is from a consultant who applied herself with a citizenship: " I applied with a US citizenship. It depends on each school. He should ask each school how to present himself – as an American or Israeli. For Anderson he should apply as an Israeli and later as American when applies to receive scholarships. The citizenship is relevant to the chances to find a job post MBA, to the financial aid and to the diversity of the school but I don't think that it could be predicted in advance what is better to apply with. There are so many considerations to take into account that is hard to tell. Bottom line, I would recommend that the clients asks the admission of each school ( this is also a good way of mentioning his/her name…)."

• "Having US citizenship makes you eligible for federally funded student loans and, obviously, solves many visa problems (particularly for late applications, or coming off a waiting list).
Also, there are many companies (usually "Corporate America" and some mutual funds) that don't recruit foreigners. They specifically limit themselves to permanent residents and citizens. If your career path presents in one of these areas, mentioning citizenship eases concerns about how realistic your post-MBA plan is.
Lastly, while one can be a US citizen without ever having set a foot in the country, stating that you are one might also mitigate potential concerns about language skills.