ARINGO and SPIKES are proud to introduce an AMAZING new joint initiative – Funding 5-10 MBA graduates with entrepreneurial ambitions!

What is the ARINGO-SPIKES initiative?

SPIKES is a Platform for direct investments in entrepreneurs. We look for great MBA graduates who have an idea and want to become entrepreneurs. Our offer is to fund the entrepreneur for 6-10 months and in return we ask for a percentage of their part in the venture. In addition, as we are a group of experienced entrepreneurs, we would be glad to assist the selected candidates who received funding from us. Our assistance may be in different aspects of the venture, such as connections, industry know-how and further funding.

Why are we looking for Top MBA candidates?

We believe most of the students in top MBA programs have the DNA of successful entrepreneurs. They are dedicated, passionate about what they do and smart. However, in reality the pressure for an immediate income after the studies pushes most of them to be employees. We address this gap and provide the needed financing so even those, who need a salary post studies, will have the opportunity to develop their dream. We know that once you start the corporate track as an employee, the chances you will one day become an entrepreneur are very low. Moreover, in most cases the dream to form a new venture involves more than one entrepreneur; however, not all of the team members are in the same financial status and as a result not all members work full time on the venture. From our experience, these situations dramatically decrease the success potential of the new venture. SPIKES solves these cases by offering personal financing to the team members that need it, resulting in a focused, dedicated and equally contributing team.

Are you geographically limited?

At this stage we prefer to invest in entrepreneurs that operate from Israel as we would be able to better assist them; however, we are opportunistic and will not rule out great candidates who operate from other regions.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Gideon Ziegelman: I studied computer engineering at the Technion and later MBA at INSEAD. Immediately after INSEAD I worked as an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) for a VC and later I founded 3 ventures. During these years, I interviewed numerous potential co-founders and executives and realized there is a gap in the venture process for individual early financing.

Shimri Winters: I studied computer science and later an MBA at the London Business School. My summer internship was at Yahoo! And post MBA, I worked in a consulting firm in London called PA Consulting. When I returned to Israel I joined Comverse, where I worked in various project management positions, later I was the business manager of two LOBs at ECI Telecom. I also founded 2 startups, and in 2014, became the owner of ARINGO MBA Consulting, where I work full time coaching young and talented applicants.

So, if someone is interested, what is the next step?

Very simple, send us an email with minimum description. If we were interested, the next step would be to schedule a phone call.

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