Access MBA event will feature some of the world’s leading international business schools. Register for the event now to discover top-ranked MBA programmes that match your needs and expectations.

When: Monday, November 12, 16:30

Where: Herods Hotel Tel Aviv, HaYarkon St 155.


Who is Advent Group?

Advent Group is a worldwide leader in education events and marketing solutions for the higher education sector. The group organises over 150 Access MBA and Access Masters events in 60 countries for 50,000 prospective MBA and Masters applicants each year. A strong international media network with several websites and publications, Advent Group also provides instructive resources for future students and strategic marketing solutions for education providers.

Which schools are attending?

Directors of admission from top business schools are coming from all around the world, mainly Europe & the US, to meet with local candidates, including INSEAD (France), MIT (US), TU Austin (US), Babson (US), Imperial College (UK), Moscow School of Management (Russia), Neoma (France), ESADE (Spain), IESE (Spain), IMD (Switzerland), and more.

What should I bring?

Your CV, your smile and career plans and motivation for MBA studies at a top business school!

What should I wear?

You want to look professional, so business or business casual attire is recommended. Opting for professional dress and business etiquette is a great way for you to make a good first impression on business school representatives.

Any research I need to do beforehand?

Prepare as you would for a business meeting. Study in detail the offerings of the business schools which you will meet One-to-one during the event. This will enable you to make the most of your 20- minute meetings and certainly to impress the admissions officers. They always appreciate a high level of awareness towards their school. Also, they will have studied your CV/resume or LinkedIn profile in advance.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to consult the profiles of all participating school and gain an overview of their programmes, tuition fee, admission requirements, etc. via the onsite event app and the print Access MBA Guide 2018/2019.

What if my dream school is not attending?

Access MBA makes sure that you meet just the right schools for you – those who meet your aspirations and where you are eligible to apply. Approaching MBA school selection with a clear career goal and an open mind is the winning strategy. We strongly encourage you to make the most of your time during the event and meet with a few different schools, so that you get a feel for the current diversity of MBA offerings around the world. Embarking on the MBA path is a pretty big step in your professional life and meeting business schools representatives in person can only help you make the right decision. Each meeting is a learning experience!

Also, once you are registered in the Access MBA database, you will receive invitations for our follow-up online events and who knows, your dream school might participate!

What should I do if my CV/resume is not perfect?

The CV/resume should provide an outline of your MBA profile. As a start, your registration for the Access MBA event will enable the orientation team to evaluate your eligibility for One-to-one meetings and the right business schools for you. The next step, however, is focusing your CV/resume to impress admissions officers, as MBA applications need executive resumes, not a regular CV/resume. So you need to create yours before the event, making sure you provide all information relevant to MBA application. Finally, when you start working on the actual admission application, you should make sure the CV/resume is well integrated with the full MBA application package. How? You can discuss this in person, during the event, with our partner Aringo.

Do I need a GMAT to attend?

No, and during the event you’ll have the opportunity to participate in several GMAT workshops to gain clear understanding of the GMAT and how to prepare so that you achieve a competitive score. Also, during your meetings with business schools you will learn how the Admissions Committees take this into consideration when evaluating application for MBA admission and scholarships.

However, if you have taken the GMAT or any other test already, be ready to discuss your scores during your meetings, so that you know whether to aim higher and how to get there.

What can I take home from the event?

Personal contact with MBA admission decision-makers from international business schools where you stand a chance for admission and a rewarding experience. Invitations to get a feel for different MBA programmes during campus visits. GMAT preparation and MBA application strategy and partners. The print Access MBA Guide 2018/2019 featuring the latest trends in MBA education, expert admissions and test prep advice, handy profiles of top business school actively recruiting globally and all ranked MBA programmes in one place.