4 Daughters Israel Scholarship for London Business School

1.  Scholarship available for start of academic year 2014
2.  Scholarship value £25,000
3.  Scholarship open to Israelis who have studied in Israel
4.  Preference given to those who have an interest in social enterprise
5.  Whilst not strictly need based, preference given to those candidates who could not otherwise afford to attend the school
6.  Preference also given to those students whose current intention is to return to Israel within circa 5 years of graduation

Who are 4 Daughters?
4 Daughters is a UK based charity focused on education.
Set up by a UK based entrepreneur (who is an LBS alumnus) who has built up numerous technology businesses and has a particular interest in Israel.

LBS will be updating their website to reflect this new scholarship.

הכניסו אותי לעניינים (פונה בעוד יותר משנה)
הכניסו אותי לעניינים (פונה בעוד פחות משנה)